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Who We Are

The Decentralized Future Council

We are a group of policymakers, researchers, attorneys, students, advocates, and change makers that are passionate about the potential of the decentralized web.

Our Mission

Educating Policymakers About the Future of Decentralized Protcols

The Decentralized Future Council is a new initiative committed to educating policymakers about the future of decentralized and interoperable protocols that will transform the Internet as we know it. Policymakers can make better decisions when they understand the innovation on the horizon. We believe that the Internet is evolving to a new architecture, one that holds tremendous promise for innovation and human empowerment. Our focus is the public interest aspects of the decentralized Web’s potential in policy areas. If done right, the decentralized Web can ameliorate current problems related to privacy and security, corporate concentration, content moderation, information integrity, advertising, digital identity, and more.


Community is the Core of the New Internet

The Decentralized Future Council sees our community as essential to the success of the decentralized web. We’re building partnerships with other policy groups, government officials, research centers, academics, web3 developers, and professional associations to create the best networks possible.

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