What Will the Next Generation of the Internet Look Like? (with Gabrielle Hibbert) “Explain to Shane”

To start off 2022, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Shane Tews of the Explain to Shane podcast. Throughout our half-hour conversation we discussed all things Web3 including: as it relates to its potentiality to affect our current internet landscape, the need for greater regulatory guidance, and finally ending with a call for diversification in our technological spaces.

When Web3 entered the public lexicon, the public’s understanding of it was mired in opinion pieces and sensational articles. As we move closer to operating in a Web3 environment, it’s paramount for both our public and regulatory bodies to understand what Web3 is and how it can change our current internet landscape for the better. Having the privilege of engaging in the conversation surrounding Web3 with Shane can help facilitate the knowledge transfer needed to build equitable, diverse, and resilient systems in the Web3 ecosystem.

This episode will be live Tuesday, 2/1 at 6:00am ET. Listen here.