The Fediverse And The Future Of Social Media: What Policymakers Need To Know

Federated social networks, collectively known as the “fediverse,” are emerging as¬†alternatives to traditional¬†social media platforms. These networks, such as Mastodon, Threads, and BlueSky, offer a decentralized approach to online interaction. However, the shift to a decentralized model introduces new policy challenges and questions about governance, remuneration, moderation, and inclusivity.

The discussion will cover critical topics such as data ownership, content moderation, and accessibility, emphasizing the need for effective policy frameworks to guide the future of federated networks. We’ll discuss the business models that support moderation, as well as the complex dynamics of centralized versus decentralized control. The conversation will also explore the promises and limitations of federated social networks, along with legal and privacy concerns, competition, and the broader context of decentralized online governance.


Hillary Brill, Professor, Georgetown University Law

Mike Masnick – CEO, Floor64, editor, Techdirt blog

Amy James – Co Executive Director, Web3 Working Group

Ross Schulman – Senior Fellow, Decentralization, Electronic Frontier Foundation